6 Ways to Motivate Yourself at Work

written by Michael Dauphinee on January 2nd, 2015

It is the leader or manager’s role to motivate employees to encourage productivity or ensure job satisfaction. But what if your leader or manager is not providing enough inspiration and you don’t feel engaged? It may require more effort on your part, but there are things you can do to motivate yourself in the workplace. Things such as figuring out what drive you, setting goals or putting together “if-then” plans are just some of the ways to help motivate yourself. Most importantly, it is okay to ask for feedback when managers aren’t automatically doing so and remember it is okay to look for support elsewhere via a mention your company or industry.

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15 Proven Tips to be Happy at Work

written by Michael Dauphinee on December 2nd, 2014

Look at this scary statistic: “In 2013, unhappy employees outnumbered happy ones by two to one worldwide, according to Gallup.” Remember we said scary…not surprising. But it doesn’t have to be that way! John Rampton has provided 15 proven ways to be happy at work. Of the fifteen different tips, two stood out the most. First, creating an ‘Office Nest’ allows you to make your space your own. You decorate your house to feel comfortable and relaxed, so do the same to your workspace! The second is reflecting on the day. Answer the question, “Why are you working so hard?” Think of the positive so that you can be reminded of why working matters to you.

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