“So how does this work?”

Like all relationships, it starts with an introduction. Virtually or in person, we meet to get to know you and begin to understand what you need.

For individuals, it's usually Coaching.

Promotion, transition, new job, career change, you name it, we've likely coached it.

As with all of our programs, the Clifton StrengthsFinder is our base. From there we identify a destination and begin walking together, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

If you're a team leader, we like a two pronged approach of Education and Coaching.

Starting with an intensive Clifton StrengthsFinder and team Identity Mapping session for your direct reports, we then customize a quarterly education program and schedule based upon your needs.

Then, having met your people multiple times, we are able to skillfully coach you and your team leaders in how to navigate your talent to exceptional execution and innovation.

Sometimes you just need an outside voice.

Our largest offering is our consulting.

Having earned the right to speak truth through our coaching and education programs, we get asked to advise on almost any organizational reality. If a situation could impact or be impacted by talent we've been asked for our "2 cents worth." We thrive on the honor of being invited to contribute to the conversation.

…but again, all this starts with an introduction.

So what do you need?

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